Trees and Wind

The tree moved slowly with the wind as it moved through it. It swayed slowly back and forth. They were one. The wind and the tree. They made each other. Without the other, they were alone. But together they had meaning. They had life. From silence to beautiful music. Only together were they alive. The wind whispered “I want to know you…you tell me I am here.” The tree whispered in return, “Because of you can can feel my roots in the earth”

Dancing in the moonlight…

She looked at me intently as she described the last moments of her time on earth with her husband.  She told me how she sat with him holding his hand in hers.

He was almost gone and he said slowly, “I always loved you.”  She noted his use of past tense.  Not long after that moment, he slipped away.

By now, she had faint tears in her eyes as she remembered the story.  She looked off into the distance and said gently, “we were just two naked souls dancing in the moonlight”. And she smiled as she softly whispered those words…

Good, simple work.

His fingers wrapped around the hammer’s handle and he squeezed it tightly as it became part of him.  He lifted it slowly and focused intently on the glowing ore in front of him.  His arm and body strained as he lifted the hammer to the height of his head.  The hammer fell through the warm air of the blacksmith’s shop and it struck soundly on the ore.

No mind. Just body.

The hammer fell through the warm air of the blacksmith’s shop and it struck soundly on the ore.  His eyes lit with fire as he stared into the amber glowing steel.  The heat coming from it making him sweat.  His hands, arms, back and body aching from the lifting of the hammer as his body came alive.  He could no longer think.  His entire being was in his body.   The feeling of creation enveloped him.  There was no thought.  Just the movement of his body connected to the earth below him.  Hammer, tools, ore and the earth, all as one with gravity pulling through them all.  And the earth shook under him.  And in this connectedness, there was no space for anything else.

Free me. Forgive me.

He watched the fire and, as he did, he fell deep into it and became spell bound by the light and warmth of it.  Deeper and deeper he went until his very soul was immersed in the dancing flames.  He felt the faint but recognizable murmur from a long time ago.  He called to it once again.  He called to his spirit.  He begged to it.  He called into the darkness, “spirit break out…”.  It called back to him, “forgive me…”.  The words echoed through him and he felt the eternal in them.  The walls of his body melted away and he was once again whole with the universe around him.  He was once again free and untethered by the chains of his own making.  He was free.